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Cookie Tree

Cookie Tree

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Cookie Tree

The Cookie Tree has been a wedding tradition in our family for as long as any of us can remember. Now with these easy-to-build plans it can become part of yours as well. With little more than a jig saw, a drill, and some basic hand tools, you'll have it built in a few days. This beautiful cookie tree can be used for other family gatherings or even a kitchen decoration.

We also include our End Boring Jig in this plan to help with construction (free of charge). This will help you create the spindles. 


Height: 29.5" Diameter: 31.5"


(1)48"x48"x1/2" Plywood
(1)48"x96" White Plastic Laminate
(1)2"Φx48" Long Dowel or Decorative Spindle

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