YouTube Channels

Below are some or our favorite YouTube channels that have a plethora of information about all things related to tools and woodworking.

Wood By Wright

If you are a hand-tool junkie, you have to watch James. If you aren't into hand tools yet, just watch few videos and you'll be hooked.

Paul Sellers

A true master of hand tools, Paul is a great resource with a wealth of knowledge. He has probably forgotten more about woodworking than most of us will ever know.

Anne of All Trades

Some woodworking, some homesteading, some gardening, some cooking... all enjoyable to watch and a great resource for a little bit of everything.

Hand Tool Rescue

While not specifically focused on woodworking, Hand Tool Rescue is focused on old tools. We love old tools, andΒ it's quite addicting to watch someone fix them up and make them useable again.

Rex Krueger

Rex's series of Woodworking for Humans shows you how to build pretty much any project with the simplest of tools. Rex proves you don't need aΒ  $3000 table saw to build beautiful furniture.

Stumpy Nubs

From hand tools to power tools, shop safety to wood finishing, Stumpy Nubs covers it all.

Stavros Gakos

Watching Stavros make hand planes is mesmerizing. His planes could be considered modern art as much as they are useful tools.