12 Days of Christmas Woodworking Bundle

Introducing Our Biggest Bundle Yet

Featuring 12 Detailed & High Quality Plans

We are offering a special bundle for the Christmas season. After 20+ years of business, we’ve decided to shake up the market by creating a bundle of 12 first-class woodworking plans. And we are offering a discount never seen before on our site.


✅ Want some plans to work on over the winter season?

✅ Looking for something to make as a Christmas gift?

✅ Want high-quality woodworking projects that your family will cherish for years?

✅ Want to BUILD something of your own?

✅ Want something to keep yourself busy while it’s cold outside?

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We are offering a deal we’ve never done before. This bundle of plans, some Christmas related and some not, will keep you occupied all winter long. Enjoy the DIY process by building the plans you like the most.

And there’s a reason FurniturePlans.com has a reputation for the highest quality plans. Our plans are more than just a “measured drawing.” We actually give you every detail you need to create a masterpiece.

Our plans feature:

Step-By-Step Instructions which help eliminate confusion

An Optimized Materials List to tell you exactly what you need

An Efficient Cutting Diagram to show you exactly which cuts to make on which materials

Detailed Diagrams to help you visualize the building process on every step

Precise Measurements to make sure you don’t miss a cut

So you aren’t just buying a bundle of ANY 12 plans. You’re buying 12 of the highest-quality plans you can find anywhere on the internet.

AND… You’re getting a massive discount.

Here’s a list of the 12 plans you’ll get:

» Countdown to Santa Calendar ($12 Value)
» Rocking Horse ($15 Value)
» Mission Style Children's Rocking Chair ($16 Value)
» Mission Style Activity/Train Table ($18 Value)
» Doll Chair ($10 Value)
» Mission Blanket Chest ($15 Value)
» Children's Rocker ($16 Value)
» Children's Art Table ($10 Value)
» Mission Children's Chair ($16 Value)
» Noah's Ark ($12 Value)
» Gumball Machine ($10 Value)
» Holiday Tree Centerpiece ($10 Value)

That adds up to $160.

But you won’t be paying nearly that much.

In fact, you won't even be paying HALF.

We are giving you nearly 70% off ALL 12 of these plans.

For the price of $49.99, you’ll get 12 Woodworking Plans to build, which will leave you with 12 Masterpieces that you and your family will cherish and pass down for generations to come.